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Alexis de Greiff A., Ericka Herazo y Joan Sebastián Soto (2020). Local, Global and Fragmented Narratives: A Review of the Historiography of Roads


The gap between external and internal histories of technology still prevails. Such a gap has produced a fragmented narrative. This article presents an overview of the historiography on roads, bringing examples from studies concerned with different geographical and historical contexts. By analysing the gaps that exist in different kinds of narratives, we show the lack of interest in the construction of old technologies such as roads, keeping in the shadow important actors, local innovations and negotiations, which are essential to understand the political economy of transport infrastructure. We are not advocating for more case studies of innovation, although we stress that adaptation practices lead to new uses of standardized knowledge based on local practices, materials and environmental conditions. Hence, we stress that, if we really want to understand the co-production of technology and society, we should consider altogether technical, environmental, economic and social dimensions in our narratives.

Palabras clave: Global South, History of technology, History of infrastructure, Historiography of Roads.

Opinión: ¿A quién le habla (en inglés) Duque?

El presidente Duque apareció hace unos días en unas pequeñas cápsulas hablando en inglés, en una entrevista sin interlocutor. Muchos se preguntaron a quién iba dirigido el mensaje en el que el presidente culpa a su excontendor, Gustavo Petro, de las movilizaciones.